Eco-Cap Project

Eco-Cap Project


  • Currently, PET bottles and caps are separated, but the recycling rate is only 37%.
  • Because the material of the PET bottle and the cap is different, a part of the cap remains, and this is taken.
  • It takes time and money to remove.
  • On the other hand, if it is incinerated with general garbage, it becomes a source of CO2, and if it is disposed of in landfill, it becomes soil pollution and leads to environmental destruction.
  • Eco Cap solves that problem!

The appeal of eco-caps

  • Because it can be completely separated, efforts are made to reduce the cost of recycling rates and recycling costs, and to recycle them.
  • Incineration of 400 caps as garbage generates 3,150g of Co2 and contributes to Co2 reduction activities by collecting them as eco caps.


  • Event planning, environmental support, garbage picking, etc. by purchasing products using eco caps