Rice class

Elementary school class

Mr. Makino, the president. I visited an elementary school in Ichikawa City to teach about rice. Children thresh the harvested rice. When I became rice, I entered the rice polishing machine to become brown rice.

University class

At the end of October, the president held a rice class at Josai International University. The president explained the type of rice, the difference between Japonica rice and Indica rice. Indica rice is a type of Asian rice and is mainly planted in areas with high temperatures. For example, South Asia, Southeast Asia, etc.
Next is Japonica rice. This time, I brought seven kinds of rice to the students, Koshihikari, Yumepiri, Granules, Shinnosuke, Tsuyahime, and Kin no Ibuki. The students made rice balls from the rice they provided!

Request for classes

Nippon Sho Co., Ltd. currently accepts requests to hold classes! Please send your details to the contact page!